Walk or Run while you Meditate? You bet!

Meditation is a practice of clearing the mind of all the noise & chatter that keeps us arms distance from the moment.  How often, have you found yourself caught up in the cob webs of thoughts unable to free your mind to breathe?  It happens all too often and we miss the gift of what is right in front of us.  The present!

Many people believe that to meditate you must sit completely still for a minimum of 30 minutes.  While that is a part of my practice that I have come to love; it is not the only way to meditate.  In our fast paced, somewhat frenetic, lifestyle the mind goes crazy when we still our bodies.  That is normal and it takes time to settle the body down and detox the mind from the attachment to worries and concerns that propel it into warp speed.

So what to do when you want to give meditation a try and/or you cannot seem to sit still.   It’s time to try a walking or running meditation. Spring is ideal and the practice is done with these simple steps.

#1.  Be sure to run/walk outside

#2.  Tune into the sounds, smells & sights of nature around you.  The world is waking up from winter and the experience is spectacular.

#3.  Turn your attention from your thoughts to your senses- practice this each time you find your mind preoccupied & bring it back again  again  to your sensory experiences- this is a tremendous doorway to the present moment.

#4.  Bring your attention to your exhale and imagine exhaling whatever is racing around in your mind then imagine inhaling this present moment filled with peace.

#5.  Remember it takes practice to unhook from the chaos we have become accustom to.  Don’t get discouraged…in time you will find yourself centered, peaceful and awake to the wonders that surround you.