Transitons in Life linked to Clarity or Clutter

The choice is ours…really.

Transitions and change are a vital part of life and growth and are unavoidable.  Every day, every moment is new and unique and cannot be repeated so when we try to hold on to the way things are- it is nothing more than illusion.  Things change, we change, life changes just as the seasons change.  Nothing stays the same!

So the key is our response to change.  If I perceive it is good change, than most of the time, I am all for it and dive in.  But if it appears to be negative in any way- I run for cover, bury my head under the covers and pray it passes me by.  Why?  Why would an adventurer, such as myself, want to avoid change?   Although I love adventure, I , too, can get lulled to sleep by comfort.  Comfort is a luxury of our culture and I find that it has been a tremendous disservice to us.  Many of us are less able to adapt than people  in other countries because we live with much more certainty.  We  don’t worry about where or how we are going to meet are daily needs of food, shelter, water, education and health care.  In fact, we get down right irritated, inconvenienced and frustrated when the grocery store runs out our favorite brand of whatever it is we so desperately needed.

So what is it about transitions that seems to be linked to clutter?  That’s easy…resistance!  We simply resist change and drag our feet and clutter gathers like a plethora of dust bunnies under our bed.  When we say yes to change, we say yes to life.  Let’s face it, we were designed to change….just look at our bodies.  No day is ever the same and regardless of the wrinkle cream we use- time marches on right across our face.

Clutter piles up when we resist change…we hold on tight to stuff that gave us comfort but now gets in our way of forward movement.  When we embrace the transition- the  clarity comes and with it freedom from clutter.

It’s time to embrace life’s transitions and release the clutter while celebrating our new found clarity!

Jill Tupper is on top of the list of motivational speakers. She is a life & wellness expert, leader in corporate wellness programs, executive leadership retreats & mindful leadership training. Jill will implement her corporate wellness program ideas to help your team achieve greater success, productivity and work-life balance.