Transforming Obstacles into Opportunity

Image of notebook filled with personal mantras sitting on the rocks at the beach

It’s been a bit of a tough road lately. Over the years, I have faced a stubborn obstacle that I have done my best to shift into an opportunity for growth & transformation. At times, the obstacle has gone dormant & I delude myself into believing that it is gone for good. I know from experience that it is lurking in the shadows waiting for a time when I am most vulnerable to reemerge and bring a tsunami of chaos & angst with it.

Those who know me, know that I prioritize centering myself- body, mind & soul- which in turn strengthens my tenacity, guts & grit. But this obstacle has been beyond what I feel the strength to endure and I’m exhausted trying to transform it into an opportunity. I just want it to go away. To stop. Why is this one so stubborn, overwhelming & creates such chaos? Because it hits me where I am most vulnerable, it’s my kryptonite.

So now what? Perhaps, like me, you are dealing with a stubborn, long-term obstacle that sucks your strength and leaves you raw & vulnerable. Whether it’s a strained family relationship, a physical challenge that you must live with or a business “failure” that seems to thwart your productivity and undermine your confidence, many of us face this relentless barrier. Perhaps, like me, you are a proactive, positive person who has simply exhausted her resources in an attempt to face this obstacle. If so, here are a few tools that I am using to shift this monumental obstacle into an opportunity to transform.

1. Create a consistent practice that keeps your body, mind & soul fit.

This is not optional. When practiced consistently, you build the core strength to deal with the on-going challenge and transform it into opportunity. Do 1 thing every day for your body, mind & soul. It can be done in less than 30 minutes a day and it is not a one-size-fits-all practice. The crucial key is staying the course. When you invest the time in you, your strength & resilience increases. If you are at a loss on where to begin, you can contact us about taking my BODYfit, MINDfit, SOULfit Wellness Assessment. This will bring the clarity needed to target the key practices and begin to move you forward exponentially.

2. Go for progress not perfection.

Many of the people I work with, have a tendency to get caught up in doing “it” [in this case, their wellness practice] perfectly or not at all. What they fail to realize is that even 1 simple consistent practice in each area-body, mind, soul- creates a positive domino effect that subtly & significantly transforms their entire state of well-being. Focus on making progress and let go of the drive for perfection.

3. “Stop it! Shut up! If you can’t say something positive, be quiet.”

This is an effective way to speak to the thoughts in your head that spew lies & fuel fear. Without realizing it, we nurture those negative thoughts, let them ruminate, give them our valuable head space and then we wonder why we don’t have the strength to move through the obstacle. Of course, negative thoughts come to our mind, it’s what we do with them that matters. Tell them to shut up and you are no longer willing to listen to their lies. Be firm on this. Do not waver. Be Diligent. Speak this out loud.

4. Speak the Truth to Yourself!

Half-truths that are riddled with harsh self-judgement & criticism get us no where and sabotage our success. It is vital that we wake up to the FACT that we are drowning in over 50,000+ negative thoughts in a day, keep in mind, the total number of thoughts we have in a day is approx. 60,000. Frankly, in my work with CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Executives & Leaders, the #1 challenge they ALL face is negative thinking. These thoughts cover the gambit from crappy thoughts about themselves & others to huge fears of failure even in the midst of tremendous success. This is an epidemic that has gone undetected and we underestimate the damage it causes, the creativity it stifles and the innovation it stunts.

So the time is now to speak the truth to yourself over & over & over again. Write it. Speak it. Shout it. Whisper it. Sing it. Repeat it. Practice it and over time you will transform your life spectacularly.

Here are a few statements of Truth that I am practicing today: I am powerful. I am capable. I am confident, calm & centered. I am successful. I am smart. I am strong. I am capable. I am competent. I am successful. Want to seriously transform your life? Go for it. Don’t hold yourself back. In short, the truth will set you free!

4. Trust that this obstacle is advanced training for your Super Power.

When I am facing my mega-obstacle, I often reflect on what it must have been like for Nelson Mandela to be in prison for 27 years or Harriet Tubman to escape slavery only to return 16+ times to free hundreds of slaves through the underground railroad, or my friend, Janine Shepard, a walking paraplegic who has tackled insurmountable odds. The quality of their lives have been forged by the on-going mega-obstacle they had to face. They did not chose their obstacle but each one of them transformed it into an opportunity which gave them the super power to make a huge difference. Remind yourself of this. Be strong. Have courage. You are not the only one facing mega-obstacles. You are not alone.

What mega-obstacles are you facing & what are you doing to strengthen yourself? I’d love to hear!

Jill Tupper is on top of the list of motivational speakers. She is a life & wellness expert, leader in corporate wellness programs, executive leadership retreats & mindful leadership training. Jill will implement her corporate wellness program ideas to help your team achieve greater success, productivity and work-life balance.