Tommy Tupper’s Tribute- ode to my dad

By January 16, 2012be inspired

My dad was small man with a big heart.  His signature feature was his extra large nose which was the perfect accessory to his extra large personality.   He loved a party so it was no wonder that he transitioned while surrounded by his adoring daughters on December 27th, the day each year he gathered friends from far & near at his Annual Holiday Open House.

My dad had a love of pontificating so it is only fitting that I share with you my tribute to the infamous Tommy Tupper.

THE 7  C’S OF TOMMY TUPPERin honor of his service in the Navy during WWll & it is just the sort of crony play on words he was famous for.

#1. CAPTIVATING:  He was magnetic, charming, delightful & had a vitality for life 2nd to none.

#2. CLEVER:  My dad was never at a loss for ideas.   His creative spirit & entrepreneurial courage provided for his family beautifully.

#3. CHARISMATIC:  He exuded energy…spontaneously breaking out in song & praise for whoever for whatever.  Life was his stage whether in Brookside, Westport, the Rockhill Club or his neighborhood.

#4. CARING: He lived from his heart.   Those he loved he was devoted to & adored, especially his 4 daughters for which I am #3.

#5. CENTERED:  At the core, he emanated positive energy & gratitude.  He knew who he was and lived his truth fully.

#6. CHARACTER: He had quite the personality… eccentric, one-of-a-kind & endearing.  He was, indeed, quite a character!

#7.  CELEBRATIVE:  Dad knew how to bring the magic into any celebration…always happy to take the spotlight or shine it on others.  It’s no wonder he transitioned from this life at age 94 – the very day each year of his Holiday Open House, Dec. 27th.


I love you dad & will carry your celebrative spirit with me always.  Your adoring #3 daughter, Jill



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