the sun, a bike and a sandwich

By October 19, 2015parenting

It’s the simple stuff that have become my most treasured memories of our family life.  When my kids were little, a perfect spring day consisted of a bike ride to Brookside; a stop in at The Reading Reptile [the most amazing bookstore for young mammals]; a delectable panini at Bella Napoli and an ice cream cone at Baskin Robbins.   Initially, they were so small they needed to be in the pull behind, then they graduated to the extension bike and finally now they ride independently on their own bikes.  However, my 14 year old had so overgrown his bike that his knees were knocking into the handles bars as he peddled.

Just for kicks, I asked as we biked towards the Trolley Trail, if they remembered the song we always sang when biking.  Oh yes, they did and proceeded to belt out Raffi’s “Down by the Bay”.  It did my heart good to know that they remembered and loved our time together as I did.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to get my 14 year old back on a bike for a family ride again any time soon but for that one glorious spring afternoon – I am indeed, grateful.

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