journey with alexis, allison & ian

journey with alexis, allison & ian

I stuffed our bags with a few work clothes, sleeping bags, toiletries & then squished in the true essentials-bubbles & 10 bags of Tootsie Pops.  “What the heck?”  my daughter exclaimed.  A smile crept across my face as I replied-“Trust me…you’ll see”.   The family we were building the home for were tentative to engage, understandably so.   Just a few steps outside their make shift home- made of pieced together trash- were these strangers who were a different color & spoke a foreign language.  Intimidating?  Absolutely!

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On both sides, really.  Even my outgoing daughter, was a bit puzzled at how we would connect beyond the language barrier.  I assured her that most of our communication is through body language, in fact, 55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and only 7% are the actual words spoken.  Which calls into question the popular phenomenon of texting.  At that moment, my daughter knew just what to do.   No words were spoken but the bubbles & lollypops were just the magic needed to erase any barrier between us.

Touching the lives of these precious families could not help but open our eyes to the abundance of blessings that surround us.  Having a home with a strong foundation provides families with the shelter, protection and strength they need to literally weather the storms of life.  It provides a way for many families to stay together & increase their possibilities for education.  Our hearts have expanded, our minds awakened, our soul inspired & our bodies strengthen by this life- giving adventure!photo 5

the girl's wall

the girl’s wall