What are the chances that at one moment you think of something you want and the next moment it suddenly appears?   I am continually amazed at this type of phenomena and the more aware we are of  the present moment these occurrences seems to be common place.  One evening at dusk,  I walked to dinner at one of my most favorite french restaurants called, Aixois.  Loving the outdoors as I do, I of course, sat outside.  The sun was setting over the trees, I was reading Synchro Destiny by Deepak Chopra while savoring my usual choice, Trout Almondine.  After enjoying every morsels &  I thought that it would be lovely to top the evening off with a piece of dark chocolate.  Within moments, the woman at the table to my right, stood up & walked over to my table.  She graciously stated that she loved my positive energy although we had not exchanged a word that evening nor even a glance.  Listening, she put before me a piece of dark chocolate

It was a glorious evening to sit outside & I  For example,  you were just thinking of an old friend that you had’nt heard from in years and & within a moment you receive a call from them.    Is it luck or  synchronicity?  Is there a meaning that lies beneath that connection or was it just happen chance.  That depends on the way in which you view it.   If you are like me, you are curious about the meaning of life & the messages that surround us every day.  Ssynchronicity  is defined as the experience of two or more events that are seemingly unrelated and occur by chance yet are observed to occur together for a meaningful purpose.