Spring is THE BEST Time for Cleansing


Spring is the season to clear the way for all things new and vibrant!  So it is vital that we clear  the clutter and create the space for clarity.  If your are like me, you have a few places where things tend to pile up when your schedule is over full and before you know it, it is an unsightly mess that now seems to eat at you each time you pass by.  The longer we wait to dive in to clear the clutter the bigger the pile gets and the more daunting the task and the more likely we are to avoid it.

The word “clutter”  derives from the Middle english word “clotter”  which means to coagulate…which means to change to a solid or semi solid state…translation STUCK!!

WHERE ARE YOU STUCK?  Did you know that the clutter in our homes, often gives us clues about where we are cluttered in our minds and our bodies?  Where there is clutter there is stagnatation.  Spring is THE TIME to tackle these piles and free ourselves of the necessary stress that comes with our piles of clutter.

Join us for our SPRING CLEANSE… Body*Mind*Closet* MAY 12th 1-4pm at Pilates 1901- RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW AS SPACE IS LIMITED!