Savor a Moment with the Tea Cup Meditation

I used to feel so rushed that I could not imagine time for a cup of tea.  Taking the time to boil the water and place the tea bag in the cup seemed a colossal waste of precious time  let alone the time it would take to drink it.  My pace was neurotically crazed and I saw no way out.  The more that was added to my plate the faster I had to go to keep up.  Everything seemed like a priority and I had completely lost perspective.

That’s when I started with my Tea Cup Meditation.  I was determined to find my way back to sanity by sip & savoring a cup of tea.  Sounds simple, right, but it was no easy task and it took practice at first.  It takes 1-2 minutes to prepare a cup of tea and 2-3 minutes to savor it.  The key is to make it a part of your daily practice.  Finding your favorite mug is the first step.

I love using a rounded mug so that my hands can wrap around it and it feels good to the touch.   My favorite relaxing tea is a Yogi Tea called Kava.

For this meditation to work- it is important to bring all your attention to the present moment.   Step away from your phone and email and all distractions for just 5 minutes.  Sit somewhere comfy where you can feel your body supported and relaxed.  Drop your shoulders and as you lift your tea to your lips take in the aroma of the tea and slowly sip and savor the cup of tea as you relax into the present moment of meditation.

Ready to Savor a Centering Moment & Start your Summer off in Sync?  

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