Obstacles to Opportunities

By February 24, 2012be inspired

I have come to realize that what I experience as an obstacle is in fact, in hind’s sight, the very opportunity that I was seeking in disguise.  It is easy to set one’s sights on what is wanted in life and then imagine it unfolding.   In reality, it often does not appear in the romantic form that we imagine it will.  In fact, it looks nothing like what we hoped it would and seems to take us so far off course that we are left frustrated and disillusioned.

Our intention seemed simple and if it had appeared as expected all would be well.  But instead, we are so consumed by the obstacle before us and how it has foiled our best laid plans that we have no clarity on how it might be the very thing that opens the door for what we did want.    Frustration sets in and we feel further from where we hoped we would be.

Perhaps, we are missing something.  What if the obstacle IS the answer?  What if there is no way that we could  begin to achieve what we wanted without the strength building that comes from overcoming the obstacle itself?  How would our lives be different if we shifted our frustrations with the obstacles to embracing them as our teachers?   What if they are there for a significant purpose in our lives and without them achieving what we do want would be impossible?

As I see it, when we push against the obstacles we create even more of a mess than if we accepted and learned from it as we forge forward.  It’s our resistance to that which presents itself that trips us up.  Learning to accept what comes and recognizing the opportunity that lies within it changes our experience entirely.  But don’t get me wrong.  I get tripped up all too often on the roadblock, shaking my fist in aggravation and blurry eyed from fighting against what seems to be the enemy.  And when I come to my senses, I recognize the gift in what seems at the time the curse.

So the next time we  find ourselves frustrated about the block before us let’s try being grateful for the lesson being learned and open ourselves to the opportunity that it brings.  Here’s to embracing the obstacle!