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I’m honestly not sure what’s up, but I have never quite been ready to come home from a mission experience anywhere around the world, no matter how “difficult” the situation was.  

Whether spending a month with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, Nicaragua, East Africa, Russia & beyond.  I have never felt ready to come “home”. I’ve never quite understood why this makes people think I some sort of amazing person.  

The truth be known, I go for my own freedom.  Crazily, I’ve worked with the richest of the rich & the poorest of the poor – all I can guess is that my life is meant to be some sort of bridge between the 2.  The distractions just fade away when I allow my life to be disrupted by the impoverished.  All that seemed so very “urgent”  simply fades from their exalted “importance” once I regain my perspective of the real needs most of the world faces.  

I am uncomfortable when people think I am some sort of inspiration when the truth be known, I do this for me…I need this.    

I am starving for the freedom that this perspective gives me.   I can feel so overcome by my “challenges” at “home” but the truth is, I so much better equipped than the courageous single mothers around the world that have no way to provide for their treasured children so they turn to orphanages to care for their starving babes.  

This final pic is one of the home we built for Sarah’s family of 8.  The one they were living in is the shack just up & to the right of the new home we built for them.  I am humbled by Sarah’s strength, faith & tenacity.

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