photo 2She’s worked for it, dreamed about it & was not about to be deterred from going for it.  This strong-spirited 13 year old daughter of mine, has her intentions set to perform on the Disney channel.  So when the Disney auditions were posted just 10 days ago, she would not be deterred.

photo 7







Her KC & NYC agents discouraged her attending- understandably so- as being seen in a sea of 3,000+  10-17 year olds is near to impossible odds.  While respecting her agents’ experience & perspective,  Journey felt a compelling need to follow the inkling within her & give it a go-regardless of the odds.

I hesitated, thinking about my business trip to Denver this weekend [that I would have to cancel] & packing this trip into an already overfull schedule.  I wondered if it was worth the time, cost & energy to make this possible.  Then I paused & my eyes met Journey’s undauting spirit – I knew- at that moment – where we would be this Saturday.

photo 6

Thankfully, the plane flight could be covered by frequent flyers but the hotel was cost prohibited.  Undaunted in the her pursuit of her dreams – she put the money in her bank account that she had earned from being a professional performer these last 3 years, to cover our hotel.

photo 4







Everyone we encountered were inspired by her tenacious spirit to make this happen for herself.  The hotel upgraded our room so Journey could have a view of the Hollywood sign, the Concierge sent cookies & milk to our room with a Break-a-Leg note & quite frankly, she “stood out” to the Disney Agents because of her  determination & spunk.

photo 5

No we haven’t heard a thing…yet.  It could take a week, a month or a year. Regardless of whether we ever hear back or not- this gutsy adventure to Hollywood was an Epic Win!  No matter what- this 13 year old dynamo knows she followed her passion & did all she could to make her dreams a reality.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to turn back.  Thanks to Journey- I’m going to stay my course with renewed passion & dare to live my dreams, in spite of the odds.  How about you?

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