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Meditation opens a door to the stillness that lies within and connects us to our sacred center overflowing with peace and creativity. Bombarded with every day life we can access this still center within and live our truth from the very essence of who we are even amidst the chaos. Through mindful meditation you will become more in sync with your truth and flow more naturally with life. You will become more in tune with your intuition which will guide you to a profound sense of peace, joy & centeredness regardless of what is swirling around you.

Prayer and Meditation

As a minister, my experience of prayer has been vast. I learned early on being raised a Catholic, going to a Presbyterian Seminary & becoming an ordained Baptist Minister that prayers come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve had my experiences with “filibuster” prayer; the “begging & bartering prayer”; the “please give it to me my way” prayer to the “open-hearted sharing my true self” prayer. Prayer became more of me asking for things from God – I do the talking and God does the listening. Eventually, I got tired of hearing myself speak, I wanted to learn to listen to the still small voice within which led me to my study of meditation. Through stillness & silence, I began to experience the transforming peace and insight that had felt out of my reach. This led me me to learn meditation from the Buddhist temple and compelled me to study at the Chopra Institute becoming a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor.

Why Meditate?

Why not? Meditation is an antidote for stress and it unhooks us from the “fight & flight” response we tend to go into when things heat up. Stress increases our blood pressure, heart rate goes up, stress hormones are released, we hold or speed up our breath and our immune system weakens. And if acute over a period of time, stress can lead to strokes and cancer. Meditation brings us into a state of mindful awareness so we can respond not react to what comes our way. The real benefits of meditation are realized as we flow more peacefully and joyfully in our everyday lives and it awakens our senses to embrace the fullness of life.

“By listening to the Creator within, we are led to our right path.”
-Julia Cameron

Meditation Coach

Jill coaches others in their meditation practice one on one, in small and large groups ranging from a 3 minute meditation to a weekend or entire week of meditation instruction. Jill intertwines Kundalini Yoga, Breath Work, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inspiration and more into her meditation experiences.

Primordial Sound Meditation

Jill is a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor certified with the Chopra Institute and has cherished her experience with this ancient practice. PSM brings alive an ancient Vedic meditation practice from India that has been utilized for thousands of years. It is a mantra based meditation…man meaning mind and tra meaning vehicle. This mantra is chosen based on the date, time and place of your birth providing a hyperlink, or vehicle of sorts, to the peaceful stillness that lies within us all.

Kundalini Yoga

Yoga means union…to unite yourself with the whole. Any thing that brings us more into the whole is a yoga of sorts. Ten years ago, I began to feel much like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz just after the Wicked Witch’s monkeys tore him apart and kidnapped Dorothy & Toto. Parts of the Scarecrow were everywhere and as the Tin Man and Cowardly Lion clamor to find his arms and his legs—the Scarecrow being little more than a head exclaims, ”That’s me all over.” This I can relate to, although I cannot blame the Wicked Witch or her monkeys. Simply put, it is my own “monkey mind” that keeps me separated from myself. Monkey mind is a term used to describe the ranting and raving our minds do to keep us feeling frantic and fragmented.

It was the feeling that I was torn apart like the Scarecrow—my mind over there, brewing over God knows what; my body over there, all too anxious and intense for the moment; while my soul was in sight but out of reach, that led me to Kundalini Yoga at the Ashram. So what is Kundalini Yoga? Some believe it to be the most ancient of all yogas. It’s brings all of us mind*body*soul* into sync and raises our consciousness connecting heaven with earth. Kundalini Yoga has been passed down through the ages and is believed to open up the channels of communication in the body through breath work, exercises, mantras, meditation and stillness. It is a workout that quiets the mind, opens up the body and energizes the soul so we can walk more in union with what is life-giving in our day to day lives.

I have been inspired & blessed by the teachings lovingly taught to me by Sat Inder Kaur & Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa