“Live life to the fullest & never give up!” Reat Underwood

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Journey was grateful to know Reat Underwood’s talented & caring self & I was thankful for Mindy’s insight, wisdom & strength.   Both Journey & Reat were looking forward to performing together this summer as a part of Starlight Stars of Tomorrow.   Reat & Mindy were also the ones that guided us to I & I Talent Agency.  I appreciated Mindy’s perspective from 1 mom of a kid that was passionate about performing to another.  It’s a bit of a challenge to navigate when your child is determined to pursue their dreams in the performing arts.

I cannot imagine the heart break of losing a child & your dad both at one tragic moment in time.  While I will never be able to make sense of such a tragedy,  I am aware that this unbelievable loss has awakened countless people to stand down hate with the transforming power of love.  Nothing is more powerful than love & nothing can bring more good from a senseless act of violence than the overpowering presence of love.

Our hearts go out to Mindy & her priceless family who are heartbroken at the loss of Reat & his grandpa- Popeye.  Such a beautiful celebration of their lives at Church of the Resurrection & what a treasured experience to sign their caskets with soulful messages of our undying love.

Reat Underwood said; “Live life to the fullest & never give up!”.   Thank you, Reat.  In my own life, I have faced enough devastating challenges that I have wanted to give up but your message is written on my heart, now & I promise- no matter how overwhelmed I might be- I, too, will life life to the fullest & never give up!

With love,

Jill & Journey