Lama Lobsang – A Tibetan Treasure

Our lives have been enriched by our friendship with Lama Lobsang, an energetic, gregarious and gifted Tibetan Lama.  This unlikely friendship has touched and transformed the life of our family.  Whether a Fire Puja, House Blessing or a Tibetan Healing Massage, his joy radiates and we are inspired by his vibrant and  fun-loving spirit.

What is a Fire Puja, you ask?  It is a sacred ceremony designed to clear away old negativity and bring in new positive life-giving energy.   Prayers are written in chalk on the base of the fire pit in preparation for the puja and the wood is then placed in the pit.  He gathers in a large mixing bowl an odd combination of things.  Everyday staples like flour, sugar, salt, milk are placed in the bowl then he throws in potato chips, chocolate and whatever else we enjoy.  The object is to gather those things that make up your everyday life and pour the mixer over the fire releasing, cleansing and purifying the energy.  Tibetan prayers, chants and joy abound.

A House Blessing involves saffron water being sprinkled over every nook and cranny of our home while Lama Lobsang chants Tibetan prayers interrupted by fits of laughter.   As a fun-loving Lama, he dares not skip blessing my son’s Legos, my daughter’s American girl dolls and our puppies.  Small in stature but strong in body, mind & spirit- Lama Lobsang has graced our lives with his effervescent  spirit.

He escaped Chinese-occupied Tibet at age 18 and is a  gifted healing practitioner who has received His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s blessing. His expertise is in teaching Tibetan Yantra Yoga and Tibetan Healing Massage.  He travels the world teaching & lives in Chicago with his family.  As you can see, his joy captives the hearts of all!  Learn more about our inspiring friend at