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Jill Tupper is an international keynote speaker with boundless energy and a spirit that is infectious. Her Corporate Wellness workshops give practical tools for positive change with simple steps to remove obstacles & create momentum in business and life.

Jill customizes high-energy motivational talks and inspires audiences to take action. Jill delivers captivating keynotes and engaging workshops. She has moved audiences around the world with her exuberant, honest, hilarious approach. Your staff, team, members, customers, students and audiences of any age will be transformed by this dynamic, powerhouse of a speaker.

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Leadership: Personal & Professional

Stress & Balance

Navigating Change

Mind-Body Connection

Meditation & Mindfulness

Positive Mindset

Parenting with Purpose


Reinvent Yourself at Any Age

How to be Mindful When Your Mind is Already so Full

From Exhausted to Energized

Expert Tips to Stay in Shape While on the Go

True Confections – Kick Your Sugar Habit

Slow Down to the Speed of Life & Stay in Balance


Get in Sync — BODYfit MINDfit SOULfit

I am passionate about investing in the well-being of our bodies, minds & souls and in bringing them into sync so we can fully live on purpose. This is at the heart of experiencing the adventure of life! I call it: BODYfit MINDfit SOULfit – Get in Sync. Live on Purpose. Lasting change is an inside out
job. The secret to unlocking your inner genius lies within your ability to access your mind-body-soul connection. Taking on this challenge separates the risk-takers & innovators from those stuck in the quagmire of the status quo. Getting into sync ignites our creativity, productivity & vitality which enables us to live on purpose.

Goals, Guts & Grit — Your Well-Being is the Key to Work/Life Balance

We all get that living a wellness lifestyle sharpens the mind & the body for peak performance. So what holds us back, stands in our way or deters us each time we set that next goal? Setting the goal is the first step but without the guts to go for it & the grit to stay with it, there is little hope the healthy habits will stick. No one doubts the importance, but many struggle to stay the course. You will be equipped with powerful, practical tools that will enable you to move beyond the obstacles, and create a sustaining wellness practice that infuses your life with profound energy, vitality and clarity to stay in balance.

Dare Boldly!
A Leap of Faith in the Face of Fear.

What’s big bold dream you’ve always wanted to go after but held yourself back from? What stood in the way? Ultimately, it’s always fear!  Jill dared to boldly face her fears and leapt across the country from the Midwest to start a new life in California. She sold most everything she owned, said goodbye to life-long family & friends, got in the car with her 14 year old daughter [who had been accepted into OCSA, one of the top performing arts high schools in the country] and started driving west, not knowing where they would spend 1 night of the rest of their lives.  Why? – To live life as the adventure it was meant to be, the life she inspired her audiences and clients to live, even in the face of daunting fear in order to live with no regrets.

By turning obstacles into opportunities, both Jill and her daughter, have become an unstoppable team, building tenacity, resilience, balance and the perseverance needed to surf the waves of uncertainty.

In this raw, real and riveting talk, you will be inspired to take that leap of faith, no matter how big or small, and live the adventure of life!

Leadership is a Marathon not a Sprint

Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint. Strong leaders set the pace, build core strength, invest in the team, go the distance, keep the finish line in sight & inspire personal best. Exceptional leaders hold a vision for what is possible & cultivate the team spirit to achieve it. They connect their team to the purpose behind what they are working towards which fuels their commitment to excellence. Training for the Marathon of Leadership catapults you & your team forward to new levels of productivity, creativity, innovation & achievement.

The Power of Mindful Leadership 

I’ve worked with CEO’s, executives & overachievers who are aware that exceptional leadership emanates from the inside out. Their roles are demanding & their jobs stressful and the need to rely heavily on critical thinking is essential. They are, however, aware that mindfulness & meditation are key components to helping them stress less & lead more effectively with greater insight, intuition, creativity & calm. Slowing down to the speed of
life through meditation not only enhances their ability to lead more consciously, but it brings into alignment their work/life balance. Ultimately they are more effective leaders who have a positive impact on those they lead, which generates greater momentum for their corporations & organizations. I give practical tools to access meditation, focus on progress, not perfection and equip them with a doable practice that enhances their ability to lead.

The D Factor: From Derailed to Destiny!

Derailed by death, divorce, disease, depression & disillusioned that life has not turned out the way you had envisioned it? Do you doubt yourself, don’t know where to start, get distracted & just give up? Life is an adventure filled with many chapters that you get to write for yourself. It’s time to dare to reinvent you & rediscover the drive, direction and determination that ignites the passion within to make a difference. As you
reinvent you, others will be inspired do the same, for as George Eliot said; “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

Clients include:

Young President’s Organization, KCTV5, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Junior League, BOMA, University of Northern Iowa, MC Realty Group, Orange Country School of the Arts, Sastun Center of Integrative Health, Young Life


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