Strengthening Your Family Foundation- KCTV5 You Got This with Jill Tupper

So grateful to strengthen our own family foundation as we build a strong foundation for those families who are in desperate need of stable shelter.  So many simple ways to give that make a profound impact on the lives of those in need, at the same time,  significantly transforming our own lives.  Every small kindness extended makes a difference.


A few simple things we do as a family:  1. Keep chewy granola bars or bottled water in our car to give to the homeless  2.  Do something helpful for a neighbor who might be lonely or in need of a bit of help:  mow lawn, bake cookies, take a moment to visit with them & be sure to give them a hug!  3. Have a trash bag in your car & pick up a bit of trash at a park- every little bit helps  4.  Sponsor a child’s education & draw pictures &/or write letters to them 1x a month…we love


5.  Take a mission trip as a family to wake up to the needs of others & get out of your comfort zone.  I guarantee you- it will be the best adventure your family will ever experience.  We love AMOR   My 16 year old son was not thrilled to go…ok – he was pissed.  Regardless of the pushback, I was determined to make this happen for our little family of 3.   Thanks to our affluent, overindulgent, electronically over saturated culture- it was beyond clear that our family foundation had become too shaky & was in need of shoring up.


Although I’ve traveled extensively around the world- I was a bit intimidated to tackle this one – just across the border to Tijuana, Mexico, as a single mother.  A thousand & one reasons not to go & only 1 glaring reason to go… it was just as vital to strengthen our family foundation as it was for us to provide this 11’x22′ home for this precious family that we came to love & adore.  We need to get outside ourselves & the distractions that kept us arms length from what really matters.



With no cell phones or electronics of any kind- we played games, mixed concrete, sang songs, gave piggy back rides, laughed, hammered, hugged, cried & sweated alongside of one another while building memories that exude meaning & purpose.  Now our dear friends Luis, Rosa, Anayeli, Juan, Guaristo, Tarsilla – who live on $83 a week – have a stable foundation on which to flourish & we have a strengthened our foundation by making a difference.    Grateful beyond words…you bet I am!