Join me TODAY for – Imagine The Life You Want Thanksgiving Challenge

By November 27, 2014be inspired, Thanksgiving

So who’s ready to join me today for my 1st Imagine The Life You Want Thanksgiving Challenge.

If you can imagine it, you can create it-the power is within you!

While there is much to be thankful for, many of us are aching for those things that we do not have. Our thoughts, emotions & bodies are caught up in a downward spiral reminding us painfully of what we do not have. This is within our power to change so let’s get after it!

Here are a few simple steps that you can do this Thanksgiving Day to empower you to create Live the Life You Want.

1. Take a a few moments to yourself – take a walk, go in the garage, a closet, wherever you will not be interrupted for just a few. Yes, yes… I know you have a 101+ things to do & so do I, but you can take a few moments to yourself because you are worth it. Take something to write on to jot down your vision.


2. Imagine the life you want. Let your mind flood with incredible pictures of all you can imagine that you want in life. Have fun with this. Do not limit yourself or say to yourself that is not possible for me. This time is to envision the sun, moon & stars or at least as far as your beautiful imagination can take you.


3. Envision that you are living right now- The Life You Imagine. You will know when you have captured this when a huge smile radiates across your face effortlessly, your shoulders drop,  jaw relaxes & your eyes shine.

4. Bring your senses alive…what does it smell like, feel like, taste like, sound like. This is a vital step that cannot be underestimated in it’s power to bring your vision into being. The mind alone is not enough, you must practice bringing your vision alive with your senses. The more vibrant this experience is for you in your mind, heart & body, the more power it has to train the brain so you can see with new eyes the exciting doors opening up before you.




5. Commit to practice daily for a few minutes through the end of the year & give yourself the most lasting Holiday gift imaginable.

6. Share with us your Imagine The Life You Want Thanksgiving Challenge in 1,2 or 3 sentences. Keeping it clear & concise is key to its potency. This will inspire others & solidify your vision.




Just in case it helps…here’s my Imagine the Life You Want vision…

I inspire myself & others around the world to live our passion & purpose through my books, media & service & I live in a life-giving outdoor community that inspires me. I have the most incredible heart-felt connections with my kids; I am surrounded by my amazing family, cherished friends & my soulful significant other that love & adore me, as I do them…quirks & all.  I explore & am transformed by all corners of the world, in the best shape of my life- mind, body & soul, embrace different cultures, experience adventures with those I love sharing my life with…Machu Picchu, Tibet, Nepal, hiking, running, rock climbing, horseback riding, ultra-marathon, ironman, hand gliding, serving the impoverished…

What a phenomenal world it will be as we live fully the life we imagine!

With a grateful heart, Jill