Keynote Speaker, Runner, Rock-climber, Meditator, Adventurer

My style is energetic, passionate and inspiring. I challenge my audiences to Get in Sync – Body, Mind, Soul, which is the core of true transformation. Ultimately, I dare others & myself, to reach our potential & make a difference in the world.


As a Rady Professor and International Keynote Speaker I draw on my adventures in marathons, triathlons, rock & ice climbing, horses, backpacking, climbing Kilimanjaro and traveling the world which has cultivated the goals, guts & grit to run this marathon of life with gusto & gratitude.

My certifications as a Chopra Meditation Instructor, Martha Beck Life Coach & Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner are vital components in my work.

My global experiences of working with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta & Ethiopia, serving in impoverished communities both abroad & U.S. has given me invaluable insight into the meaning & purpose of life.

I bring to my work a Master’s in Leadership and a B.S. in Occupational Therapy which reflect my passion for the whole person – body, mind & soul.

I am a soulful-adventurer, devoted mother of 2 amazing kids, exuberant about the adventure of life with a passion to make a difference.

The adventure of life is an inside-out job and when we begin to grasp that we can get into this training that is the marathon of life.

I teach practical, yet profound life tools that empower & provide core strength to move beyond all fear to live the adventure of life.


I inspire women and men to create a BODYfit, MINDfit, SOULfit practice that sustains their ability to Get in Sync & Live On Purpose.


I challenge women and men to pursue their passion and to cultivate the guts & the grit to make a difference.

We are gutsy, strong, passionate women who are working together across the globe, synergizing our gifts, dedicated to making a positive impact on the world
& inspiring others to do the same.

Elizabeth Rankich is a smart, savvy, co-inspirer, whose talent is unrivaled. Her expertise lies in leadership development & building high performance teams. Her work with LEGO unleashed her passion for projects, people and the development of human potential to create positive change.



Elizabeth & I are ecstatic to be working together towards making a positive impact on the planet. We believe to create positive change we must begin within our own lives and as we Get in Sync -Body, Mind and Soul – we Live On Purpose.

Originally from Los Angeles, Elizabeth currently lives in quaint Copenhagen, Denmark with her two precious kids. Her body, mind, soul practice includes Bikram yoga, meditation, clean-eating and enlightening walks in the forest near her home.

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