Inspiration + Perspiration = Transformation

Can we live without inspiration?  Perhaps, but will it be the vibrant life we want?  It’s easy to get confused, mired down and discouraged under the weight of the seemingly endless pressures of every day life.  There is a never ending list of ” to do’s”  that can, if we let it, suck the inspiration right out of us.

As a single mother and professional, I encounter this this daily.  There is only one of me.  No one to pull up the rear, spell me when I am out of patience or clean the kitchen after creating a healthy meal for my family.  I can all too easily get lost in the sense that there is simply more to do than I can ever accomplish and BAM… I am overwhelmed.

Whether a single mother, married with or without kids or a single/ married professional- most of us can relate to this experience.  While inspiration might be the fuel that starts the fire- there would be no fire at all without the wood.  That’s where the perspiration comes in.

Thomas Edison said…

Genius, is one tenth inspiration and nine tenths perspiration.

So it’s the hard work that sets apart those who talk about accomplishing a goal from those who actually do accomplish it.  It’s setting your mind on what you want and then rolling up your sleeves to get there.  Seldom is it easy & it will require a great deal of sweat equity from you- if you really want it.  When it is achieved it will be worth the effort.  Your mind, your body, your will and your sense of accomplishment will be strengthened.

Being inspired to a vision without action can only remain a dream.   It is taking inspired action while investing the hard work that builds the momentum needed to create the transformation.  And don’t  lose heart, transformation is done over time, step after step after step.   No doubt, you will at times fall but that’s to be expected.  Change is not easy, if it were- everyone would be doing it!  It takes courage to dust yourself off, get back up and get back on track.  And each time we get back on track we build stronger muscles to follow through to transformation.

Simply put:  Inspiration + Perspiration = Transformation