In despair? It’s time for repair!

By March 9, 2012be inspired

Despair can creep up on us if we take our eyes off the here and now and allow our minds to create a scenario down the road that seems bleak.  It’s amazing how, if we let them, our emotions can spin us in all directions while our mind is creating all kinds of crazy illusions.  At the core, the culprit is fear.

Fear is the mind creating scenarios that haven’t happened yet and distracting us from the moment that we are in right now.  It is an anticipation of the worst case scenario rather than opening ourselves to the limitless positive possibilities that surround us.  One thing’s for sure, it is a colossal waste of time and if fed, can become a demon of sorts.

So, once again, we realize that what we focus our attention on is what takes center stage.

Try these simple steps to move beyond despair to repair:

1.  Take time before you go to bed at night to think of 3 things you are grateful for.  Relax the body as you reflect on these things and allow the gratitude to move through your mind, heart and body gently.

2.  Read a children’s book that reconnects you with a sense of hope.  Hope is ever present, however, we can lose touch with it when we feed the mind fear.  One of my favorites is by Nancy Carlson called; I LIke Me.  Read it aloud and remind yourself that there are wonderful things to like about you!

3.  Reach out beyond yourself and encourage someone else. Send a text, an email, a Face Book message or a card to encourage someone else expecting nothing in return. This works every time.  When you send hope to another – something within you flips the switch from despair to repair.

It is not uncommon to feel a twinge of despair- the key is to not dwell in it.  It will not serve you.   So before you get waylaid – use your will to shift from despair to repair and focus on the hope that is ever present within you.

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