I’m a quirky mom – I’ll give you that but

By October 19, 2015Uncategorized

I’m a quirky mom, I’ll give you that but I am who I am.  So what to do?  Embrace your quirkiness, I say.  but as all of us mothers know, this mortifies our teen age kids.  I’ll never forget when my son asked me to be like the “other moms”.  I said, OK, hoping to get more insight into his thoughts.  I can not celebrate the last day of school & stop dressing up, I can stop laughing out loud, perhaps I should stop dancing to the music in the car or perhaps stop taking you & your buddies to serve the homeless or to the rock climbing gym.  No, mom!  He exclaimed- I don’t want you to stop those things.  “Just stop doing yoga, meditation, telling us about people like Harriet Tubman who have overcome all kind of challenges.  OK- fine.  So who do you want me to be like.  It was silent for a few moments…I just want you to be you!  And I you!


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