IMG_6687“I don’t want to live anymore…God, please take me now.”  These were the heartbreaking words that flowed through Senorita Sarah’s sobs- “Enough…I am tired & can’t go on.”   We held her in our embrace as the tears poured out of her exhausted body, mind & heart.  What a back breaking load she has been carrying all these years- making due in a home built from scraps of cardboard, an old garage door & dirt floors- anxiously awaiting the next storm that would threaten to turn the floors of their home into mud & collapse the walls in on them.

Life for this family is beyond any difficulty that many of us even imagine facing.   Having a home with a strong foundation, a roof that will not cave in &  4 walls that provide shelter  is essential to a family surviving.  It makes going to school a more substantial possibility by increasing their sense of security & stability…literally!  When we showed up…hope rekindled within Mama Sara’ soul.  This beautiful family of 8 will be living in this tiny 22′ x 11′ home that we had the privilege of building for them.



Hope is an essential nutrient to the soul & is ever present even when we are unable to metabolize it.  I am surprised by the way I can be blinded to the possibilities & lose sight of hope.  The difficulties that I have faced & my guess is you have as well, can wear us down & dull our senses to the blessings that surround us.  It takes a bit of practice, especially if the trauma or challenges have taken their toll on us over time.

After years of going to the depths of my own heartbreak- I have emerged stronger & more hopeful than ever.  While things in life have not turned out the way I had once hoped… my new hope assures me that I am embracing a life more full & rich than I could ever of imagined before.
Sarah no longer wants to leave this planet but to celebrate the abundant gift of hope renewed.

Bless you precious Sarah & your treasured family.  All our love, Jill & Journey