How to Be Mindful When Your Mind is Already So Full

Are you in need of some peace of mind?  Are your tired of being wired and long to let your mind unwind?  Are you barraged by a never ending stream of thoughts and are at a loss of what to do?   Have you wondered if meditation might help you be more mindful and less crazed?

Well, I am here to tell you it can!  First off, let’s demystify meditation.   It is profoundly simple and when practiced regularly- relaxes the mind, centers the body and opens the doorway to the soul.  It is the art of learning to still the body, quiet the mind and be in the present moment.  There are many ways to approach meditation with the only right one being what works for you at the time.   Setting a regular time aside, a special place where you meditate or lighting a candle may be helpful for you.  As a Certified Meditation Instructor through Deepak Chopra’s Institute, I have explored and studied various forms of meditation and have discovered that it is important to find what works for you and your life style.

The one thing is for sure, when I meditate there are amazing benefits in all areas of my life… physical, emotional, relational, mental and spiritual.  Meditation, when practiced regularly, has many health benefits.  Chronic & acute stress are often at the core of many physical challenges so learning to meditate can be a significant key to dealing with various health and wellness issues. It can also open the door to responses in situations that you could never have imagined.

Years ago when my soft hearted/hard headed 14 year old son was 4 years old; we had just such an encounter.  We were both over tired, it was past his bedtime and I had just put my 1 year old daughter to bed.  It was one of those nights when you hold your breath for everything to go smoothly as you have not an ounce of strength left to handle any turbulence.   In his exhaustion- my son simply hit the wall and threw a enormous tantrum.  In slow motion, I envisioned myself grabbing this possessed child of mine and hurling him out the window.  Smart enough to put myself in time out, I quickly exited to my bedroom frantically searching for a way to calm myself.  Hearing him scream in his bedroom, I knew it was only a matter of minutes before my daughter would wake up and then I would slip over the edge into insanity.

Without thinking, I lit my meditation candle [the one I light every time I meditate] and grasped it between my outstretched hands as  I walked down the hall to the bedroom door with the tantrum throwing 4 year old behind it.  As I opened the door, not having a clue as to what I would do- I heard myself say; “I’m Buzz Lightyear, I come in peace.”   A smile miraculously washed over the teared stained face of my 4 year old and we both giggled and smiled as he snuggled into my arms and we fell asleep in a matter of moments.

I am convinced that it was a result of my meditation practice helping me shift a situation that once upon a time would have escalated to God knows what.  It was meditation that opened my mind beyond my knee jerk reactions.    I could never had come up with that idea, I was too upset and out of sorts but what I could do was to calm myself enough to let inspiration move through me.  Meditation opens the doorway to unlimited creativity, possibilities, insight and intuition that can be of tremendous benefit in our daily lives if we learn to listen.

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