Getting Unstuck in a Sticky World

By May 7, 2015Uncategorized

For someone one who loves exploring new heights as much as I do, it has been surprising that I’ve gotten stuck here & there on the way. Most of us get stuck in one way or another at a time or 2 in our lives. Taking a pause, for a rest, to grieve, to take care of a few things is one thing but   We all know what its like to have something stuck in our teeth or to get stuck at the office but that kind of stuck is not what really gets us. It’s the When we get stuck & become stagnant, inert and when we least expect it, the muck swallows us up. instant relief- take times & effort to get unstuck guts & grit in the face of doubt & fear mindset mind/body connection lack of clarity change of direction out of your element   Stopping to reevaluate, grieve,