Freedom or Fear

By January 31, 2012be inspired

Freedom or Fear…  It is our choice. Each time we move beyond our fear, we take a step towards freedom.  And with each conscious choice we create a path of less resistance to living in freedom not fear.  In time, we are aligned with our soulful momentum and soaring to our greatest potential. It is within reach for each & everyone of us and its’ steps are profoundly simple.

With each exhale, let go of fearful thoughts and imagine the fear cascading out of your body, mind, soul & emotions.  Experience the lightness that comes with letting go of that which chokes the life out of you.  Then with each inhale, know that this breath is fresh & brand new – bringing with it hope, courage and freedom.  When we hold our breath, we are often stuck – not wanting to let go of the old & familiar.  When we expand our lungs, we cannot help but open ourselves to more of life.

Breath is Life.

Did you know that we can live up to a month without food, a week without water, three to four days without sleep, but only three to four minutes without breathing? All the cells in our body require oxygen. Without it, they couldn’t move, build, reproduce and turn food into energy. Our inhalation brings in fresh oxygen needed to fuel our cells and our exhalation releases the waste products our body cannot make use of and if not expelled would be toxic.

The connection point here IS our Breath!  Breathing IS the letting go process…Want to turn Fear into Freedom…EXHALE the Fear & INHALE the Freedom!

Now take a moment to practice this Tool for Life:  Imagine the fear is chocking the life energy out of you.  Now envision that fear being swept up in the strong current of a waterfall as you exhale– beginning at the center of your forehead & cascading down through your body & out your toes.  Imagine the current of your exhale sweeping down behind your eyes, your jaw, your throat & neck, your shoulders, down your arms & out your fingers, continuing down your chest, your abdomen, your hips, your thighs, your lowers legs & out your toes.  Experience the sensation of releasing by hearing the waterfall & your exhale in sync.  Imagine Exhaling Fear.

Then gently turn your attention to your inhale & imagine it beginning at your navel point then moving directly to your tail bone rising up your spine vertebrae by vertebrae, up the between your shoulders, the back of your neck & rising up the back of your head until it reaches the center of your forehead.  Imagine Inhaling Freedom.  Each inhale is fresh, brand new, light & energizing.

Practice 3 Exhales & 3 Inhales each day releasing the Fear & Embracing the Freedom.  Over time, you will let go of what you are so terribly fearful about & live in freedom.