Expect the Unexpected


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ChAnGe HaPPens!    Our bodies changes, our relationships change & the weather changes. Nothing stays the same.  So what can we count on when we are faced with an unexpected change and we feel unsettled, wobbly & off kilter?   After exorbitant handfuls of dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds &  an  XL bowl or 2 of Hagen Daz Java Chip icecream –  I am able to soothe the insecure child enough to count on the strong, resourceful adult woman who resides within me.  The key for me is to turn from racing around in utter panic to quieting myself down enough to listen then… Take the Inspired Action that presents itself.

This is exactly the situation I found myself just 10 days ago.  A huge change showed up at my door & set into motion another totally unexpected opportunity that I could never have been taken advantage of IF the 1st sudden change had not occurred.  I found myself strangely grateful for the door that was closing even though I was clueless as to what the next step might be.  The very next day, an amazing door opened – it presented itself to me effortlessly. Being no stranger to faith & fear, I chose faith                                                                      in the face of this awe-inspiring thing, we all must embrace, called CHANGE.  Here’s to Keeping Calm & Expecting the UNexpected.