Create a Clearing in the Chaos with Cleansing

By October 19, 2015Uncategorized

How are you?  Crazy, insane, nuts- you know, it’s that time of year. As a single parent, I can really make claim to the insane:  my daughter’s birthday is Dec. 16th, my son’s is the 18th, my daughter is performing far & wide about the city with Starlight Stars & as there is no one to take an errand or 2 off my plate. So I have a choice…shift into super turbo speed and hope this whirling dervish can kick-butt or release my grip on those crazy “important things” that cause the chaos before the calm. Whether you are doing life alone or with a significant other, this time of year it is widely accepted as being crazy busy.

The expectation that many of us place on ourselves, is that we should just buck up & kill our selves trying to create the most amazingly peaceful holiday for all.

And yes, my mindful, meditative self…fell into to this speed trap the past few weeks & it has only intensified. So I decided to cleanse my body for a few days and create a bit of a clearing within the chaos. This is the 1st time I’ve chosen to cleanse during the holidays when the season is overflowing with feasting. It’s been simply sweet. I’ve savored the flavors of just being & been surprised with the sacred moments that have popped up here & there when there was no chance of space in sight.

I felt the need to slow down to the speed of life & my soul began to unfurl & soak in a moment here and there.  My time is still incredibly full but I have thankfully been awake enough to embrace the windows of time to meditate in the car at the edge of the parking lot, or shift my mind from the never-ending lists of to-dos to &  in the peace of mind that all is well.

By cleansing my body, I have given a gift to my soul. I now have a clearing within the chaos by creating sacred space within to celebrate.



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