I know it’s ridiculous but the last 3 months, I have been meditating in my car [No-not on top of my car!] in the crazy early morning hours- sometimes in my PJ’s & wooly slippers but most of the time in my sweaty workout clothes after a hard core spinning class.   Instead, I push the driver’s seat all the way back to where my 6’3″ son needs it to drive the car.   I crawl in & tuck my feet up under me to keep them warm on those icy cold mornings.

I had slipped away from my meditation practice & had substituted eating my problems for breakfast.  That caught up with me & caused a hellish case of indigestion & bloating.  So starting on Feb. 18th – after a side swipe from life- I knew I could no longer avoid the non negotiables in my life.  A few of my non negotiables are: working out, chocolate, the passionate pursuit of making a difference,  flossing my teeth, believing the best in others, hugs, being outside, prayer & meditation. photo 2  It was time to discipline myself once more & wrangle that negative thinking that was stealing the zest out of my clementine life.  I love life & have always sought to live it to the fullest.  But life had taken its toll, fear had become my back stabbing friend & I was in need of a jump start.  I had begun to wonder if I would ever fully get beyond my whole life smattering or if I just had to resign myself to living a not so fabulous life [being petty & grousing like so many do].   The only problem with that was I didn’t want to be unhappy & stuck.   So I knew what I had to do.  Get back into my meditation practice.   As for direction, I felt led to meditate with a set of CD’s & the only CD player we have is actually in the car – that’s how my 2003 Honda Pilot became 2014 meditation space.

After 3 months of meditating faithfully everyday, I have revived my soul strength & once again bump into one spontaneous blessing after another.  Clarity has replaced confusion, compassion had replaced criticism, doors of possibilities have generously opened & joy…ahhh…joy has returned and given me the strengthen once again to live my life to the fullest!

Take 1 guess as to where I’ll be tomorrow morning…That’s right!  You can rest assured that this workout mama will be eating her positive beliefs for breakfast.