Capture a Vision

By February 6, 2012be inspired

One of the keys to creating the life you want is to capture a VISION of what it is you want for your life.  Too often, our thoughts are filled with fear, concerns & worries of what we do not want rather than focusing on what we do.  Creating a Vision Board that reflects your future can play a pivotal role in helping you achieve it.   Focusing your energy on your VISION for your life opens doors of opportunity that once seemed closed.   Once you set your intention on living a life that reflects who you truly are the steps seems to unfold effortlessly.  It’s having a VISION that creates the momentum for forward movement beyond what IS to what will BE.

Begin by setting aside a hour or two with a few of your favorite magazines, scissors, double sided tape & poster board.  Put on your favorite music, brew yourself a cup of tea & get cozy.  Turn your phone off & allow this time to be yours.  Try not to over think it- instead notice what colors, images, words & phrases you are drawn to & cut or rip them out.  The more the images & words capture your heart for whatever reason, the more compelling the experience will be.  Involve your senses as much as possible so you can feel, taste, smell, experience what it will be like to LIVE YOUR VISION.

Be sure to place your VISION board  somewhere that you see everyday & have a chance to engage with it.  Envision yourself living this life and your entire subconscious goes to work for you.  Begin to experience each choice you make as one that feeds your future.  In time, you will discover that in many ways you are taking significant steps towards living your truth.  Once you capture a VISION for your life- you awaken to what is possible rather than sabotaging yourself with limiting thoughts or beliefs.  Capture a VISION for your life for the time is NOW to Live Your Truth.