Let’s face it…the body doesn’t lie. It is incapable of lying. And when we are willing and able to listen to it’s messages then we are dialed into our truth. And it is this truth we resonate with, the truth that brings us into harmony with ourselves and guides us in our everyday life. When we live the truth of who we are then we set ourselves and others free. But over the years we’ve dulled our senses and distanced ourselves from listening to the truth within us and lost our way. In my life coaching practice we utilize many of the Tools for Life I have discovered and studied from Martha Beck’s Body Compass, Jin Shin Jyutsu [a highly refined form of acupressure]; Kundalini Yoga; Running; Living Food and my background as an Occupational Therapist. As your coach, I share with you life sustaining practices that help you tune into your truth.

I went from a vibrant triathlete, marathoner, mother traveling the world speaking, climbing Kilimanjaro, working alongside Mother Teresa’s Missionaries in Ethiopia and Calcutta, Life coaching clients from the urban core to the elite to one day barely being able to run a couple miles without being wiped out. Feeling that something must be terribly wrong and after many tests, I discovered that I had, over time, exhausted my reserves so completely that I was suffering from adrenal burnout with no quick or easy answers. This led me on my quest to study alternative medicine and energy work. It first began with my sleep experiment, massages, then acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu, nutrition, and body compass.


Now, we know the body cannot lie… however the mind is a different story. Not only is it capable of being a distorter of truth—more often than not, it can be a flat out liar, deceiving even the best of us. Our minds are a tremendous tool, however, all too often we let our minds take the led when it’s our hearts and our souls that have the wisdom and insight needed to guide our lives. Albeit a gift, the mind can limit us in ways that can be difficult to detect because of its subtleties.

Clamoring for our attention, our minds flash our greatest fears onto billboards and bombard our already cluttered minds. Ever alert, the mind demands we tune into all that dares to threaten this life we have come to know. What the mind has forgotten is how to adapt to that which is ever changing… LIFE. Our culture has bought into the illusion that life, as we know it, is secure, unchanging—when in fact every season reminds us that life is ever changing. And as we learn to adapt and embrace change, we come into harmony with our minds, our bodies and our souls. Opening myself to this reality has at times felt like being drenched by a bucket of glacier water, shocking to my system, and yet somehow, I recognize it’s innate truth and am freed from my illusion.

Martha Beck’s Life Coaching tools will sharpen our insight and awareness to cut through to the heart of those negative beliefs that threaten our ability to thrive. Listening to what the mind has to say without taking it too seriously helps us realize that it simply does not have the corner on truth. Utilizing Byron Katie’s, The Work, we begin to align our beliefs with what we know to be true. And by utilizing Resonance Repatterning we explore the amazing connection between our mind and body systems utilizing Chloe Wordworth’s life’s work. As a Resonance Repatterner, we bring into coherence our unconscious and conscious beliefs so we can more fully come into sync with the truth of who we are.


Now we know the body cannot lie and the mind, although brilliant, can be an unruly liar so what about the soul. I believe that the Soul is where the truth of who we are is found. The soul yearns to find its true self and express that to the world. It is our soul that awakens us from our dulled senses and reminds us that there is much more to live for.

It is the impulse of our soul to soar that awaken us to stillness and starts us on this journey within. I will share with you practical and profound ways to center yourself within the chaos of everyday life and teach you mindful practices where the soul meets the soil. You will then begin to find your own way to the wisdom within.

As one of Deepak Chopra’s Meditation Instructors and an Ordained Minister, I will share with you many of the ancient spiritual practices that have inspired and transformed my own life from meditation to breath work, to silence and prayer. Together, we will begin to open that sacred door of stillness within and reconnect you to your soul’s true home.

Jill Tupper is on top of the list of motivational speakers. She is a life & wellness expert, leader in corporate wellness programs, executive leadership retreats & mindful leadership training. Jill will implement her corporate wellness program ideas to help your team achieve greater success, productivity and work-life balance.