Keynotes & Retreats:

All topics can be a captivating 30 minute keynote – 3 day creative interactive retreat…honestly, whatever time frame works for you!

You Got This!

  • Living a wellness lifestyle sharpens your mind & body for peak performance.  Integrating even a few new habits can shift your energy & fuel ambition.  Don’t over complicate it…                                                                                                                                    You Got This!

Grit & Guts 

  • It takes grit & guts to take charge of your Happiness, Health & “Hutz-pah”.  Here are some compelling tools to tackle the obvious & insidious obstacles that threaten to undermine you reaching your kick-ass potential.

Take Inspired Action

  • Stagnant, stuck or unmotivated?  Then MOVE- damn it!  It doesn’t matter where…just get out of the muck long enough to build up your momentum & see what’s around that corner.

Out of Whack & Off Kilter? 

  •  Is your work/life balance all off?  Are you on the fritz & in need of an adjustment. Integrate a few of Jill’s Tools for Life & give your life balance a boost.

New You… Fresh Start!

  • We all have obstacles to moving forward. Fears, tragedies, physical challenges, life transitions, loss of motivation can stunt our ability to take action.  No excuses…it’s time to practice the positive mind set that will power you up to soar.

Get a Grip!  

  • Get a grip on your why.  Say what? Being uber clear on your why behind your what, who, when & where is vital to your internal GPS.  It is the 3 digit security code to unlock  your super powers.

Exhausted to Energized

  • Overworked, overstressed and burned out? The time is now to learn how to rebuild your reserves by taking good care of you. Jill will take you through the steps that she utilized to move herself beyond burnout to living a life overflowing with energy and vibrancy.

The 4 F’s for Fat Loss Freedom

  • Find freedom from the weight loss battle by breaking away from the Familiar Funk & all that Junk & embrace the Fit & Fun YOU. When you change your mind – you change your body.

Cleanse the Clutter…Body, Mind, Closet

  • Clear the clutter & create coherence in your life.  Take a few simple steps to free yourself from being weighed down with the chaos clutter brings.  Lighten your load & savor your new found clarity.

Eliminate to Illuminate

  • Stressed out & overwhelmed?  No you can’t do it all…no one can!  Copious amounts of stress invades our bodies, takes over our minds & steals our present moments. It’s time to stop the insanity & live with less to achieve more!

Mind-Body Connection

  • The secret to unlocking your inner genius lies within your ability to access your mind-body connection.  Don’t be fooled, this workout for your brain & body is not for the faint of heart.  Don’t shy away from this challenge as it separates the risk takers & innovators from those mired in the quagmire of the status quo.

How to Be Mindful When Your Mind is Already So Full

  • Feeling fragmented, frazzled and unfocused? Wondering if it is even possible to experience peace of mind?  Well it is!  Mindfulness practices totally help you embrace the present moment & be centered within the chaos of everyday life.


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