1.  Clutter can make you feel tired & cranky and unmotivated…it’s difficult to find the energy to begin clearing your space.  Do it ANYWAY!

2.  When all your space is filled there is little room for the new to come into your life and transform.

3.  Believe me…Clutter can keep you focused on the past- unable to let it go & create the new beginning you want.

4. Clutter is like snot…congests your body & your mind & keeps you focused on your sinus headache and distracted from what really matters.

5. Having clutter can affect your body weight…more clutter can translate into more weight on our bodies as a means of self protection.

6. Having clutter can make you sluggish, unmotivated, disorganized and putting off what needs to be done today!

7. Having clutter can put your life on hold & before you know it you are used to the clutter and can no longer recognize it.

8. Having clutter can be a downer & create excess baggage for you to lug around- physically, emotionally & mentally.

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