True friends, I’ve  heard it said, withstand the test of time.  Little did I know that my friendships were in for one hell of a test.  You see, it wasn’t that long ago when my life seemed flooded with friends- or so I thought.  Then came THE TEST.  The most challenging time of my life appeared seemingly out of no where and many of those, I had considered dear friends, ran for cover.  Needless to say, when you are going through a time of great despair – it piles insult upon injury when those you thought were your friends skatter as if you had leprosy.  I was distraught, in disbelief & dismayed.

Over time, I came to realize what a gift this difficult time had become.  It illuminated the truth of what a real friend is.   Those I had believed were “friends”  were now thankfully, no where to be found and those left standing by my side are what I affectionately call My 5 Star Friends.  It could not have been easy for them to be there in my struggle, but they were, nonetheless.  It became a dance of sorts, each one stepping in at a different time & in a different way,  to support, encourage & uplift.  One thing for sure- they had my back & weren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and be in the thick of it with me when needed.

I marvel now, that they never lacked for belief that I would come through this dark time.  They saw my strength when I was overcome by grief.  They saw my faith when I was disillusioned.  They saw my joy when I was consumed in sorrow.   I missed their birthdays, their day to day challenges & could not be there for them as I once had been.  But they understood & remained lovingly by my side with hope, faith & friendship.

Why 5 Star, you ask?  Because each one of these amazing friends are worth at least 5 of any other.  Thank you…Audrey, Michele, Christiney, Lina, Kristin, Diane, Melba, Jeanne, Melissa, Elyse, Amy, Dana & Marci for you are indeed, My 5 Star Friends.

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