3 TIPS to Moving Beyond Feeling Overwhelmed.

Did you know that it takes 90 seconds for an emotion to run its course through the body triggering various physiological responses? But what happens then?  After the 90 seconds, it’s up to us.  IT’S OUR CHOICE!  If we choose to ruminate about the emotion we attach ourselves to it and it gains strength.  This works great when the emotions is positive and uplifting but what if that emotion is a difficult one?  All too often, it is a negative emotion – we find ourselves latching on to and we go over & over & over it before we realize it has dragged us into a place of overwhelm.

So here are 3 tips to moving beyond the 90 seconds of overwhelm:

1.  Observe & Imagine:   The 1st 90 seconds, as it moves through your body pushing your buttons & imagine it moving right on through instead of attaching yourself to it.   Much like a wave in the ocean- watch it begin, crest and end.  Allow it to move through you rather than

2.  Exhale/ Inhale & Let Go:  

3.  Change your mind set: