1 family heart crushed AMOR to last

By October 19, 2015Uncategorized

When I became a single mother, I struggled to make sense of things.   I had invested my heart, soul & sweat into building [what I thought would be] a lasting foundation for our family and I believed that love could overcome anything – I was mistaken.  In those early days we as forged ahead with life on our own we called ourselves Strong-hold 3 & most of the time you’d find the 3 of us smushed together on our family room couch sprawled all over each other while I read aloud.    It was our way of  tucking in tight as we weathered the imminent changes that would alter life as we had known it.

But eventually, after the wave upon wave of chaos, change & confusion began to settle so did we into our new normal.  I kept up the traditions that we